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Our Story

Matt and David standing together

The kf. Wealth Management Story


From their small-town roots along with personal/professional experiences, kf. Wealth Management is bringing a passion for uniquely personalized financial planning, wealth protection, and asset management. kf. Wealth Management clients are seeking holistic perspectives and comprehensive wealth management solutions, and the kf. Wealth Management team is helping provide integrated financial planning and multi-generational wealth protection and management on a national scale.


As a young child, Matt grew up in a home with parents who were hardworking blue-collar workers and they didn’t have much. This fueled his passion for hard work and desire to do something that made a financial impact on people’s lives and a way that he could take care of his family, so they wouldn’t have the same struggles. Matt joined this business in April of 2004 and sadly, just one year later, he lost his younger and only brother to suicide. This drove Matt to build an extensive risk management businesses so he could help make sure no other family who lost a loved one would have to struggle financially. Some years later, Matt expanded into risk management and wealth management and took on a more holistic planning experience as he felt people needed help on both sides - risk and wealth management. In 2021 his process evolved with expanded fee-based financial planning and continuing to serve his investment advisory clients' best interests as a fiduciary. Matt has a passion for continued growth and is seeking to expand his retirement distribution expertise.

David began his career with Northwestern Mutual in 2015 as a college intern. He studied at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. Upon graduating in 2017, David transitioned to a full-time financial advisor. On top of being a full-time advisor, David is a director with the company, and often participates in industry speaking engagements on financial planning topics. He is extremely passionate about helping his clients reach their financial goals.

Matt and David first met over 7 years ago, when Matt recruited David into the business. They have had the opportunity to mentor and work together with mutual clients over those years. This gave David the opportunity to utilize Matt’s team and learn the financial planning business at a much faster pace than he would have on his own. David and Matt are exactly 20 years apart in age and at age 27, David has built his own successful financial planning practice. Matt and David are proud to be partners that make up the k (Krueger) and f (Finnemore) of kf. Wealth Management.

Together, Matt and David have built a team that can serve clients at all different age groups. When you are in your retirement years, where you need a team and reliable relationship the most, your trusted Advisors are here for you.