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Clarifying what Financial Independence Means to You.

kf Wealth Management team standing in front of an American Flag mural

A Message from Matthew Krueger & David Finnemore

We collaboratively work with our clients to clarify what financial independence means to them. With that clear understanding in place, we build a unique comprehensive financial plan. We guide, educate, and care for our clients when we are needed most.

People’s lives are busy, and we take on the “CEO” role for our client’s financial matters: Estate planning, Investment planning, charitable giving, tax efficient strategies, etc. Over the years, our experienced team has found that the more we can be our clients’ sounding board and help them with this role, the less stress they have around their total plan.  

Our client’s professions vary. However, the majority of who we serve, are those nearing retirement, family business owners, and medical/dental professionals. 

kf. Wealth Management would love the opportunity to be a resource for you, while building your financial future.